Sara Post: Painting and Teaching

Abstraction is, for me, a natural language. It’s concentrated and challenging,  mysterious and opaque. I love its ambiguities, that it often creates more questions than answers.   


Sara Post’s paintings explore complex, sometimes contradictory worlds. Personal experiences of nature and culture are represented in color drenched layers of loose geometry and freely drawn lines. Her materials range from oil paint and pigment sticks mixed with wax and solvents to more unorthodox combinations of charcoal, sand and cement, describing the etherial in concrete terms.

A life long artist, her work transitioned from ceramics to painting after a printmaking residency with Linda Goodman in Italy in 2007. She began working with oil and cold wax mixed media in 2010, studying with Rebecca Crowell and Lisa Pressman.

Art 26/Sara Post Studio in downtown Davis, California combines work and teaching space with a small gallery for the exhibition of abstract art.