Goat Rodeo

When art and life intersect--
Art as a way of life, a way of "moving through this world".
Lynn Beldner is a diarist whose subtle sculptural pieces "pair the fragile, interior and domestic with the dangers of the external world".
A photographer's moment of intense awareness...
"At what moment did you become an artist?"
Who and what is contributing to your artwork?
What is it about green?


Zoom portfolio reviews--worth it?
Painter and painting--who's really in charge?
Art with a message--experiments with a word challenge.
Revise, renew, reinvent...
Walking to the studio, looking around...


Concerning art and angels
Learning from artist's block
How do paintings come together? Do you end up with what you had in mind when you started?
John Cage informs the process
Making art. Hard enough to do it. Should I write about it? Yes? No? But what about...